Throughout my 25-year career, I have focused on building diversified sales channels, modernizing operational processes, coaching teams to success, and connecting companies to their customers using technology. I also mentor and invest in startups throughout the southeast.

My role at Zaphne is to drive sales and strategic partnerships, collaborate with the team on theoretical programming, and manage development and design for our family of web sites.

Reach me via or by phone at (800) 834-4952

Why Content Marketing Automation?   The ideal for content marketing is to manage all social networks in a personalized way and maintain a close relationship with customers - I mean, who really wants to hear from a robot?  However, when many tasks are needed, it is...

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  Aquaculture, meet the Desert Nutreco announced recently that it has invested in Israeli startup ViAqua Therapeutics as part of its focus on combating disease in the aquaculture industry. ViAqua is developing the first orally-administered treatment for shrimp that...

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Tech Startup News, powered by Zaphne for 09-04-2018

Guide to sales and marketing for startups The process of qualifying a lead. is critical because we want to make sure we are using our sales resources to talk to people who can actually become customers. Often, startups will use a mix of inside and outside sales...

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Tech Startup News, powered by Zaphne for 09-03-2018

Investors Unleash Millions Into Pet-Tech Startups In 2017, $69.51 billion was spent on pets in the U.S., according to the American Pet Products Association. As a whole, the global pet market is estimated at $109 billion. So it's no surprise that the increased spend on...

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Blogging is still the best way to improve search engine optimization and attract readers and customers.  But while over 3 million blogs are created each month, only 5% are updated regularly – essentially abandoned.

Don’t become another statistic!