Throughout my 25-year career, I have focused on building diversified sales channels, modernizing operational processes, coaching teams to success, and connecting companies to their customers using technology. I also mentor and invest in startups throughout the southeast.

My role at Zaphne is to drive sales and strategic partnerships, collaborate with the team on theoretical programming, and manage development and design for our family of web sites.

Reach me via or by phone at (800) 834-4952

Dylan’s Thoughts on AI

We live in the midst of the invisible revolution: artificial intelligence, simply defined as intelligence in machines, is all around us, embedded in our everyday apps and devices. AI technology is not only amplifying human ingenuity, but opening more and different...

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Will Artificial Intelligence Eliminate My Job?

Team leaders were responsible for monitoring these tickets determining what was holding up completion of the ticket, and, if needed, bringing in additional resources to speed up the closure of the ticket. My team leader wasn't excited with this approach,...

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The Cat in the Haystack

In 1950, computer scientist and philosopher Alan Turing published a paper on 'Computing machinery and intelligence' that is often referred to as the origin of modern artificial intelligence.  In it, he described the capacity for computers of the future to to display...

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Startup Weekend Charleston – EXPOSED!!

Startup Weekend is the world largest program for entrepreneurs, where in 54 hours people from all areas of the technology industry come together to create a company. But there are people behind the scenes that make it run successfully, and we can't thank them...

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Bright Minds and Bright Ideas at Startup Weekend Charleston

Startup Weekend Charleston starts tonight with a kickoff party and idea pitch session that will set the tone for the weekend of business development, instruction, and teamwork.  One of the questions often posed prior to attending an event of this kind is if it is...

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Why do most technology startups incorporate in Delaware?

There are two main reasons why most tech startups incorporate in Delaware: they are incorporating as a C-corp, and they expect high growth. As others have correctly stated, many people incorrectly assume that Delaware is the best state in which to incorporate when...

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Startups and Celebrity Status

At Startup Weekend, the goal is to create complimentary teams, develop solutions to Big Questions, and generally have a good time.   One of the key aspects that the new teams will have to tackle is around marketing and messaging - and there's no better way to do that...

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Startup Weekend Charleston – Not just for Techies!

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event held around the globe, when groups of developers, business advisers, startup passionistas, marketing geniuses, graphic designers and more pitch their ideas to a panel of enthusiastic judges, form up alliances, and develop a...

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Blogging is still the best way to improve search engine optimization and attract readers and customers.  But while over 3 million blogs are created each month, only 5% are updated regularly – essentially abandoned.

Don’t become another statistic!