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Startup Weekend Charleston

Startup Weekend Charleston will be hosted September 12-14th, 2014 at the Lowcountry Tech Academy in the heart of downtown Charleston. Startup Weekend – the 54 hour event where designers, developers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds. Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

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Technology Startup Board

I would like to personally welcome you to the Technology Startup Board web site. This is the place to discover all about the thriving high-technology startup community in Colorado Springs. If you are involved with a high-technology startup in the Colorado Springs area, you really should consider becoming a TSBoard Member. Please visit the Membership Information page for details on how you can become a part of this well-connected community. Mission – Technology Startup Board Our Mission – What We Want To DoThe Technology Startup Board’s mission is to encourage and support the success of high-technology startups in Colorado Springs. We accomplish this by helping our members to: Build their personal network / professional contacts Know about everyone and every startup in the community Access relevant, useful information for high-technology companies Share and exchange knowledge and experiences Increase awareness about high-technology startups in Colorado Springs.

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Hong Kong’s Tech Startup Community

Curious what is happening in the Chinese e-commerce world, specifically with Amazon FBA? Over the years, more and more Chinese factories and trading companies have been selling on Amazon, and have grown their skills and reach – and they want to connect with you! In the international e-commerce game many sellers and suppliers have been afraid of the growing number and volume of Chinese sellers and while there is reason for alarm – there are still a lot of chances for cooperation and win win opportunities. The team here at Global From Asia along with a top Chinese e-commerce association- Popeye Incubation – have come together to create a one of a kind event – Cross Border Matchmaker – CBM. No, we’re not talking about speed dating. This will be an event where we take top sellers from around the world and get them up on stage. Simultaneous translation so the Chinese sellers speak in their native tongue alongside hosts and foreign business owners.

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Science and Technology Startup Incubator

Innosphere is a high-tech incubator supporting entrepreneurs building high-growth companies in the industries of health innovation, life sciences, software & hardware, and energy & advanced materials. Innosphere’s incubation program focuses on ensuring companies are investor ready, connecting them with experienced advisors, and making introductions to corporate and strategic partners. Innosphere has physical locations in Fort Collins, Denver and Boulder to better serve entrepreneurs. Innosphere is headquartered in Fort Collins where they offer class A office space inside their LEED Platinum innovation center with 30,000 square feet of office, wet lab, and conference room space. All Client Companies going through the critical stages of validation, startup, and growth receive customized development plans, receive ongoing support to ensure they’re getting the know-how to raise the right kind of capital, and all the resources to grow – exponentially.

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Meet Raleigh’s Startups

Welcome! We built this map to help build connections in Raleigh’s growing startup community. Raleigh has transformed over the last few years into a city that fosters innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship and this map sets out to showcase that transformation. From Technology and Life Sciences, to Design and Consumer Products, Raleigh is expanding quickly across a wide variety of sectors. Whether you want to explore an industry as a whole, find a specific company, or join the team of one of our growing startups, this map is for you. This map is designed to showcase our product-based startups and growth companies. Don’t see your company currently listed? Keep our map fresh and submit your information here. Love to collaborate and create? We’re always looking for people to join our innovation community. Use this map to see which of our emerging companies are currently hiring. Discover everything your neighbors and community have to offer.

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Chicago Startup Weekend

Throughout his career, Don has used Objective-C on various platforms and in various industries, notably WebObjects Remember WebObjects? When Apple released the official iPhone SDK, Don began working on his first app and has never looked back. He’s been a professional software engineer for nearly 25 years-all in the Chicago area. In addition to Objective-C, Don enjoys working in Ruby, C#, and occasionally Java. Currently running Eight Bit Studios, Don remains active in Chicago’s thriving entrepreneur community, advising and mentoring businesses on technical strategy. In addition to a lot of technology, Don packs his life with family, literature and film. Following his wife’s newly discovered passion for running, Don has taken to the streets again-but only when it’s nice out. His midlife crisis seems to have manifested itself as a crisis of fitness and he will, however unwisely, take on anyone in a pushup contest.

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Josh Test Site News for 12-31-2017

How to define a tech startup

I would start with the distinction around the word “Startup”. People, especially the press use it broadly to describe any company or any young company. They do not distinquish “Small company” from “Growth company” from “Young company”. A Startup is not a business A startup is an organization in search of a business. So a Startup is the part of the process of creating a business before it has found a reliable, predictable revenue model. If you have a large, old company, which is innovating, and inside that innovation process, they are searching for a Product/Market fit for a new product, they are engaging in the same process. Perhaps with more resources than most startups begin with. A “Young, Growth company” which has a predictable revenue model, with measurable 3%-5% growth in revenue on a week over week basis that uses a new technology to transform how a problem is solved is the typical thing that people think of as a Tech Startup. You might see that google is starting to slow down as a percentage growth rate.

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Disrupt Africa African Tech Startups Funding Report 2016

African tech startups raised funding in excess of US$129 million in 2016, with the number of startups securing funding up by 16.8 per cent compared to the previous year, according to data compiled by Disrupt Africa. For the second consecutive year, Disrupt Africa is releasing comprehensive data on the tech investment ecosystem across Africa, contained in the DISRUPT AFRICA AFRICAN TECH STARTUPS FUNDING REPORT 2016. The report reveals South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya were the top three destinations for tech investors in 2016, both in terms of numbers of deals and total amount of funding. Sector-specific research shows the fintech sector received the most funding; while the agri-tech sector saw the biggest percentage growth as compared to the previous year. Detailed information on funding activity in eight African countries;. Figures on the number of deals per location, and average deal sizes;. Comparative analysis of the ecosystem over 2015 to 2016;. An “Investor profile” and “Entrepreneur profile”.

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Startup Ecommerce Website Template

I am currently using their startup theme for its simplicity and cool features. Most of all, I am very impressed with their support team. I had some troubles and wish list, and they always got back to me quickly and solved the problems. Top notch customer service and very reliable!!! I would use them again. The theme is awesome! A lot of great features already in it. Love this Pixel Union theme it is really adapting as my business changes and grows. I have been using this theme for about 1.5 years. I have a service based business and this theme has really been great as I figure my business out. Very grateful and a big shout out to Steve for his help with my customization this morning! For an utter novice, the Startup theme was surprisingly straightforward to use for the most part and elegant. It has been the wonderful staff at Pixel Union that’s made all the difference regarding my experience with the theme. They are responsive and helpful, and I know that if I have an issue I can rely on them.

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Spark & Surge Programs

GCP and Firebase Credits $3,000 in credit for 1 year. Credit can be applied to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. Training Get invitations to Code Labs, classroom-style and online training courses to learn everything you need to scale your vision. Schedule 1:1 technical sessions and architecture reviews with Cloud Platform Solutions Engineers and Architects. 24/7 Support We offer 24/7 coverage, with phone support and rapid response times. We offer 24/7 coverage, with phone support and rapid response times. G Suite Receive 12 free months of G Suite for your business needs around professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more, valued at $60/user. Receive 12 free months of G Suite for your business needs around professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more, valued at $60/user. Spotlight Series Opportunity to be selected for user profiles, speaking opportunities at Google events, early product access and more.

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French Tech Visa

French Tech Needs YOU! France wants to bring about a new generation of world-leading companies, boost innovation, and create jobs in the French economy. We can only achieve this ambitious growth plan if we can attract the right people. In a world driven by innovation, where creativity and audacity are changing the rules of the game, diversity – in terms of both culture and career paths – is an asset for the ecosystem. The internationalization of the French startup ecosystem is a cultural and economic necessity for allowing hyper-growth companies to succeed in their international development. The Tech sector is truly global, and competition is fierce, especially when it comes to attracting the best talent. If France wants to produce world-leading companies, we have to be able to bring in top talent from around the world and make their transition into the French Tech ecosystem as smooth as possible. We need YOU to come to France and help us create tomorrow’s world leaders!

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Josh Test Site News for 12-31-2017

TERP Startup Lab

Proceed approximately two miles south on US Route 1 to University’s Campus Drive entrance. Turn right on Campus Drive and immediately make another right turn onto Paint Branch Drive. Go through two stop signs, and at the third intersection make a left onto Technology Drive. Make an immediate left into the gated Visitor Parking Lot. Once you park, be sure to note your parking space number and pay at one of the pay stations, or you may be ticketed. The TAP Building is the only building adjacent to the visitor’s lot. After 4:00 PM you can park in lot CC1 just beyond the TAP Building. Proceed approximately two miles south on US Route 1 to the University’s Campus Drive entrance. From within the city of Washington, DC:. Go northeast on Rhode Island Avenue. After entering the state of Maryland, continue on US Route 1 for approximately five miles to College Park. Turn left at traffic light on Campus Drive and immediately make a right turn onto Paint Branch Drive. Just after I-495 joins I-95 in Maryland above Washington, DC, get off at exit 25B towards College Park on US Route 1 South.

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בנקאות הסטארט אפ הראשונה בישראל!

Yifat Oron is the CEO of LeumiTech, Leumi Group’s high-tech subsidiary, and is responsible for leveraging the Leumi Group’s capabilities and offerings to cater to the financing needs of technology companies. Ms. Oron enjoys close to twenty years’ experience working. With technology companies, through her experience at Venture Capital, banking, and consulting. Yifat spent most of her career as a partner at Vertex Venture Capital, where she invested and served as a board member at several early-stage technology companies, in the Semiconductors, Enterprise IT, and Cleantech sectors. Prior to joining Vertex, Yifat was a technology investment banking associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York, where she analyzed mergers and acquisitions, equity offerings, fixed income and syndicated financings. Previously, she spent three years at the Directorate of R&D of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where she achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Economics, Budget & Control Department. Yifat holds an MBA. from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc.

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Bitcoin futures have started trading on regulated exchanges in America as of Sunday, and their European counterparts are watching to see how things play out across the Atlantic before launching cryptocurrency derivatives of their own. Investors across the world can now turn to the Chicago Board Options Exchange and soon the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the world’s largest derivatives exchange, to speculate on the future value of bitcoin through futures, much like they would with traditional currencies or commodities. European investors are allowed to engage in the new trades on the CBOE and CME thanks to financial equivalence rules between the EU and the United States, but several European exchanges are themselves considering listing similar products. “We’re taking a very close look at bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are equally interesting. We think there are advantages to such an innovative asset class, but potential issues like the unregulated currency spot market and high volatility,” said a spokesperson for Eurex, a German.

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Where To Start a Tech Startup

New York-Diverse, niche focus, Marketplace and social network focus, strong scaling stage funding, high risk. London-Well educated, big bets on previous winners, project management and e-commerce focus, low risk. 46% more helpful than mentors in London and NYC Daily Work – Silicon Valley-10 hours a day – L.A.-9.6 hours a day – Seattle-8.6 hours a day – Boston-10.4 hours a day – London-8 hours a day – NYC-7 hours a day Experience – Silicon Valley founders have started on average twice as many startups than their NYC and London counterparts. Motives – Silicon valley founders are 30% more likely to want to change the world than NYC and London counterparts. New York has 50% more workers that just want to “Make a good living” than their Silicon Valley counterparts – London has 2x more founders that want a quick flip on their company than Silicon Valley and New York. Though there are tech startup hubs worldwide, depending on your experience, niche, and motives, certain markets may be much better fits.

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Startup Valuation Calculator

Will be if a VC ever puts a term sheet on the table? Valuing a startup is intrinsically different from valuing established companies. Because of the high level of risk and often little or no revenues, traditional quantitative valuation methods like P/E comparables or discounting free cash flows are of little use. Startup valuations are largely determined based on qualitative attributes. We’ve been told by several investors that our valuation model produces reasonably good valuations. Of course, every situation is different, so your mileage may vary. The model below is intended more for educational purposes than for performing serious valuations. Answer the following 25 questions, and we’ll calculate an approximate range for you. For each of the following questions, choose the answer that most closely describes your situation. The first choice produces the lowest values; the fourth choice produces the highest value. Why does this matter? 0 – 999 1,000 – 1,999 2,000 – 3,999 4,000 or moreI have invested of my own funds into this venture.

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Josh Test Site News for 12-31-2017

Startup Weekend New Jersey

Anyone who wants to learn or loves the process of creating a new product or service and turning it into a business. To become inspired, forge lasting friendships, find co-founders & employees, learn new tools & methodologies, practice new skills and feel a sense of accomplishment. Participating in Startup Weekend is an intense experience that allows you to grow rapidly and build deep relationships. Attendees meet Friday at 6pm and start getting to know each other. After a dinner and inspiring presentations, you’ll go through six steps to build a new business by Sunday at 5pm:. Propose Your Idea. Steps 3 – 5 usually happen at the same time by different members of your team. You’ll also be supported by a cadre of coaches who will give you feedback on your progress and answer your questions. If you fit multiple categories, pick your strongest for now. You will not be restricted to this role during the weekend. If you don’t know which to pick, select Non-Technical for now. Help promote New Jersey Startup Weekend to your friends and others. Check out our Help Promote New Jersey Startup Weekend page for actions you can take to promote the event.

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TechArb Student Venture Accelerator – Center for Entrepreneurship

TechArb is the student venture accelerator at the University of Michigan, a joint initiative of The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. This out-of-the-classroom program empowers student ventures to bring their ideas to life through an intensive and structured entrepreneurial experience. Teams involved in TechArb are highly motivated to build and launch their own company, and strategically leverage resources and mentorship from CFE and ZLI to reach their goals. Like other great accelerators around the country, TechArb offers valuable perks to early-stage student ventures such as pairings with seasoned mentors, educational workshops, events, and access to resources such as free legal counsel and design clinics. Teams are required to attend weekly “Standup” meetings and work through entrepreneurial challenges together. Located at 505 E. Liberty in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, students can apply to join a TechArb cohort if they are designing a new technology, have an idea for a product or service, or have identified a market need ready to be explored for business creation.

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Tech Startup Genius on the App Store

Description New Version: Test out what Tech Startup Genius is like for FREE, then unlock everything when you’re ready. Tired of sounding like a NEWBIE when talking to investors and other seasoned tech entrepreneurs? This app will help you look SMARTER at the next meetup or cocktail party. Developed by a bunch of entrepreneurs in the New York & Silicon Valley startup communities, Tech Startup Genius is a collection of the most important people, organizations, and buzz-words that you should know about in order to survive in this world. An alternative app title could have been: “Stuff that we wish we knew when we started our companies 2 years ago.” This app will drill you on this content in a matter of hours rather than years – using Brainscape’s unique Confidence-Based Repetition process. Always remember that startups are judged by their founders as much as by the coolness of their products. If you want to look like you “Get it”, it’s pretty important for you to know all the key startup people & concepts BEFORE somebody makes you look stupid in an important meeting. So start drilling yourself and let us know what you think.

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Notable Austin Startups – acquired by SAP, sales management enterprise software. – digital rights management and content security software. – platform for building e-learning content with predictive – search and recommendation software for e-commerce. – facilities management software. – sales systems consulting and software integrator. – email marketing software. – software for EMS and fire response. – cloud identity security software. – enterprise software for billing/revenue management. – custom software development. – enterprise software for product development. – online shipping software. – banking consulting and software. – social CRM + helpdesk software. – graphics rendering software for high-scale systems.

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Funding Report 2016

African tech startups raised funding in excess of US$129 million in 2016, with the number of startups securing funding up by 16.8 per cent compared to the previous year. For the second consecutive year, Disrupt Africa is releasing comprehensive data on the tech investment ecosystem across Africa, contained in the DISRUPT AFRICA AFRICAN TECH STARTUPS FUNDING REPORT 2016. The report reveals South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya were the top three destinations for tech investors in 2016, both in terms of numbers of deals and total amount of funding. Sector-specific research shows the fintech sector received the most funding; while the agri-tech sector saw the biggest percentage growth as compared to the previous year. Detailed information on funding activity in eight African countries; Figures on the number of deals per location, and average deal sizes; Highlights of key deals across continent; Sector-specific breakdowns across nine sectors; Tracking of acquisitions in 2016; Comparative analysis of the ecosystem over 2015 to 2016; An “Investor profile” and “Entrepreneur profile”.

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Josh Test Site News for 12-31-2017

Startup Weekend Cape Town

Joana is a civil engineer turned serial entrepreneur and tech fanatic. She worked for 8 years as an International Business Manager at IBM in Brazil, Microsoft in Paris & Munich, then VMware in London, before moving to the web industry and becoming an entrepreneur. After the successful launch of in the UK, Joana founded 3 other businesses, from online marketplaces in Brazil to Business Services in Europe. After a stint as Entrepreneur in Residence at xMillion Capital, Joana moved back to Brazil in 2011 to launch Now based between Rio, NYC, Europe and Cape Town, Joana is currently a partner at Jampp, the leading technology for performance marketing in mobile. She also acts as a Global Ambassador for startup accelerator Papaya Ventures and is an active mentor/advisor to over 10 accelerators globally, including Dreamit, LeCamping and 21212. She was recently ranked number 10 in the NEXT 100, a list of the 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry in 2013, and won TheNextWeb USA Mobile Startup Rally in NYC. Joana also acts as board advisor to and, supporting women entrepreneurs in tech.

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Andrade Economics

These items reflect the news and insights that are part of building a successful knowledge ecosystem as well as the recognition by the media of the effort. Former Mayor Mark McBride said he wants to model Myrtle Beach after the Charleston Digital Corridor, a tech business development program. The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the release of the new CODEcamp Kids platform. If you don’t have school-aged children, you may be tempted to ignore this piece – but don’t. The Beaufort Digital Corridor formally opens its doors to the BASEcamp business incubator on January 12, 2017. If you didn’t know what Ernest Andrade did for a living, you might assume he was a stock broker or a high-dollar sports agent. The first few years of starting a company are often very challenging. The Charleston Digital Corridor has improved one of its main tools for luring new technology talent to the region. The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the launch of CODEcamp Version 3.0. In the twenty-first century, the crucial element of a more-perfect society is innovation. Tiny red lights blink in a curious but steady rhythm; a quiet, consistent hum purrs or whirs, maybe both.

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Startup Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition is a leading international platform supporting innovation in energy transition. SET is implemented with the conviction that sustainable energy solutions and mitigating climate change is directly linked to a bridge between inventive business models and political will. Powered by the German Energy Agency in cooperation with the World Energy Council, our initiative connects start-ups, international venture capitalists & investors, and partners in the public sector. As a global platform, we link like-minded people from various fields to promote innovation and to make global energy transition a success. The SET platform is comprised of the annual SET Award and SET Tech Festival. The SET Award is an international competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide who are working on ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change. There are six different categories applicants can present their projects in, all with the aim of clean energy promotion. The three most promising start-ups in each category will pitch their business ideas at our annual summit – the SET Tech Festival – which brings our impressive network together in the spring.

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Business Accelerator.

Plain and simple, you apply, you pitch, and, hopefully you move on. We start by selecting quality applicants to pitch their business to the TechLaunch panel of mentors, successful entrepreneurs and accredited investors. In return the panel provides constructive feedback and potentially useful insights. They’ve all been there before and they want to get you to that next step. You can expect to be treated professionally and respectfully. You can also expect to be treated like an adult and moreover like an entrepreneur. Once the session is complete, the company owes TechLaunch nothing. TechLaunch will initially conduct monthly BullPen pitch sessions with three or four presentations. The pitch should be no longer than 15 minutes and provide sufficient detail to explain the problem, solution, product development road map, market size/potential, competitive analysis, barriers to entry, three to five year financial projections, funding requirements, use of funds and team experience. The application process is simpleanswer some quick questions and provide a one page executive summary. We’ll be back to you within ten days of receipt of your executive summary about potential next steps.

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Startup Business Plans & Consulting

Michael A. Russell, “Mike,” has over twenty-five years of experience as a CFO – principally with rapidly growing, technology-based, manufacturing and software companies. He has been associated with both private and public companies, gaining experience in nearly every role in a financial department. These responsibilities have included functions in accounting, credit, and collections, treasury, financial planning and budgeting, information systems and human resources over the course of his career. Mike’s record of equity financing speaks for itself, having participated in rasing over $70 million. As a consultant and advisor to emerging companies, he has significant experience in the development of financial strategy and direction, monitoring and explaining performance versus the agreed-to plan. As a CFO for companies in the startup phase, Mike is able to span the requirements of a financial management position from day-to-day detail to assessing the overall view of the strategic direction of the organization. He has developed and maintained relationships with bankers, investors and shareholders. Mike attended UCLA, where he received a BSEE and MBA in Finance.

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