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Tech Startup Bloom Energy Going Public Despite Huge Losses

Mexicans excited about their national soccer team’s upset victory over Germany trigged an earthquake early warning system. The country’s Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Investigations reported that crowds triggered two sensors in Mexico City in the seven seconds after star forward Hirving Lozano scored a go-ahead goal. Sometimes those much hyped new features in tech gadgets are just that. Chinese tech manufacturing giant Foxconn is establishing a North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis. The new center, which will employ 500 people, is about 30 miles away from Foxconn’s planned $10 billion LCD display panel factory. 

Rumored and confirmed, for the next batch of iPhones. Apple will continue relying on LCD displays for most devices next year, not switching over to more OLED screens due to high costs, the Wall Street Journal reports. In a confirmed report, Apple is also improving the way iPhones send a caller’s location during a 911 emergency call. Apple also got Oprah Winfrey in a deal to produce content for its still unnamed and unannounced video streaming service. The cutting edge EOS digital blockchain, intended as a competitor for ethereum, launched its service platform last week. 

After raising $4 billion selling EOS tokens, the system should be able to let developers create smart contracts and other blockchain-related applications while processing transactions more quickly than ethereum. Chances that the agency led by chair Ajit Pai disapproves the deal are less than the odds of Tunisia winning the World Cup. The real action will likely be at the Justice Department. 

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What is the perfect startup team?

Speaking of roles, I’ve listed the most important ones every startup must have. The chief executive officer is usually the leader in the startup team. Every successful tech startup must have ‘the dreamer’ as part of it and the person that is always willing to believe in the idea – regardless of how many people out there say it has no future or it is a total failure. A clear vision is what every tech startup needs to establish from the very start. The CTO, Labeled As ‘The Doer’.Chief technical officers are a must-have in every tech startup. 

Simply put, having a CTO in a tech startup is obvious just because of the level of complexity and technology involved. In the same time, the ‘hustler’ is among the most important roles at each stage of the tech startup. In the beginning – the CSO can also be the sales guy in the startup. If the startup is turning into a company later on, someone should be appointed to that role accordingly. What every chief marketing officer in a successful tech startup must know is how to make the product or service the most unique out there – and how to spread the word about it in the best way possible. 

In a world full of startups and ideas, there must be a person who knows how to pull the ropes, connect the dots and give as many shout-outs as possible when introducing a tech startup to the digital marketplace. All tech startups nowadays are in need of a connector in order to foster a network of crucial contacts and connections that will help them build relationships with customers and eventually get major investments and help their startup grow. 

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Why do Indian Startups Fail?

This time the topic is with regards to Indian startups. The reason that I am particularly writing about startups is because a very large number of students are opening their startups or are joining existing startups after graduation. Typically most startups are founded by students right after college or young professionals. Since most startups are internet based, the chances of competition are very very high because the internet nullifies geographical distances. Here again, Indian startups are very different from their western counterparts. 

This morning I was watching a documentary on TV. They showed statistics, which showed that an overwhelming number of western startups begin with funding from friends and family, whereas Indian startups get money from angel investors. To make Indian startups actually work, it is necessary to add more constraints to the money supply. It is true that some startups get sold for massive sums, and even some Indian startups are on that list. Startups from India have low visibility, and getting sold to Silicon Valley biggies is not as easy as American startups. 

Most of the time, the founders of Indian startups are business school graduates who might have worked in top finance/consulting companies, or are technical people without any interest in technical work. There is a big divide in India between different classes of institutes, and startups would often find otherwise sincere students that lack sufficient practical skills. There is a big difference in the success rate between an Israeli or American startup and an Indian startup. 

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5 Biggest Challenges All Healthcare Tech Startups are Facing in India

Healthcare tech-startups are the new big thing today considering the huge potential in the sector. Offline healthcare system has mostly been disconnected with the digital world. The five biggest challenges that all healthcare tech-startups are facing in India can broadly be the listed -. The competition may not be tough but very few startups are able to survive the sluggish pace of growth in the industry. Complex Industry – The industry does not give enough freedom to express oneself and that’s where innovative thinking takes precedence. 

General association of healthcare industries is with the government and the government levies a lot of rules and regulations. They do not even have the time to look up to the digitized healthcare systems. With very few startups in the healthcare space today, there are very few business models to draw reference from. The social angle associated with the industry is one of the major root cause that its tough to monetize in healthcare and education. Lack of healthcare mentors in India – Right mentors are an essential aspect of any start-up that are mostly unavailable. 

In recent times with a flurry of health apps coming to the fold with promise and a result oriented approach, the trend in healthcare industry is truly changing for the better. The healthcare ecosystem is up for a holistic makeover. 

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Tech Startup News, powered by Zaphne for 06-29-2018

French Tech Visa

French Tech Needs YOU! France wants to bring about a new generation of world-leading companies, boost innovation, and create jobs in the French economy. We can only achieve this ambitious growth plan if we can attract the right people. In a world driven by innovation, where creativity and audacity are changing the rules of the game, diversity – in terms of both culture and career paths – is an asset for the ecosystem. The internationalization of the French startup ecosystem is a cultural and economic necessity for allowing hyper-growth companies to succeed in their international development. 

The Tech sector is truly global, and competition is fierce, especially when it comes to attracting the best talent. If France wants to produce world-leading companies, we have to be able to bring in top talent from around the world and make their transition into the French Tech ecosystem as smooth as possible. We need YOU to come to France and help us create tomorrow’s world leaders! 

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A thriving tech startup ecosystem provides great opportunity to grow jobs and economic stability across North Carolina. NC TECH for STARTUPS is a special initiative to support tech startups with targeted benefits around visibility, peer interaction, information referral, and connections. We recognize that while entrepreneurs are often limited on funds, you need visibility for your company in order to grow. NC TECH will work to help you gain visibility through our communication channels by featuring your company on our blog, tweeting your news to our followers, and sharing special announcements in our monthly newsletter. NC TECH will list your company in our online and printed tech directories, provide opportunities for expert speakers at events/meetings, and can share your white papers or guest columns in our monthly newsletter. 

NC TECH provides in person and virtual venues for you to network with peers, potential customers, and advisors. 

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Enterprise Solutions

KiwiTech, LLC, a technology services provider that invests in tech startups, today announced a strategic partnership with Compass3, an organization that makes it easy and affordable…. KiwiTech to work with Techadox, on their disruptive solution in Managed Delivery and Assisted Insourcing. KiwiTech, LLC, a startup accelerator and technology services company, has entered into a strategic partnership with Techadox, a technology platform that provides coordinated delivery…. KiwiTech Announces Strategic Partnership with McCartney Multimedia. KiwiTech, LLC, a technology services provider that invests in tech startups, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with McCartney Multimedia, Inc., a full-service creative….. 

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Bynder is award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos. More than 150,000 brand managers, marketers and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals every day to collaborate globally, produce, review and approve new marketing collateral, and circulate company content at the click of a button. Brands using Bynder go to market faster and achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all channels and regions, with simplified collaboration across the organization. Founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Hall, Bynder is established globally with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices across the Netherlands, UK, US, Spain and UAE. No jobs found. 

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Legal Tech Startup Name Generator

Luckily, you do not need to reinvent the wheel with naming your legal tech startup. Just combine some legalese-sounding words with some disruptive-sounding words, and then you have a name for your startup. If your tech startup name has some Latin in it, even better. A name that fuses elements of a dead language with modern technology is a winning combination. You could spend hours or days coming up with the perfect name. 

Or we could come up with your startup’s name for you. We built a legal tech startup name generator to help you get your startup off the ground and wow those investors. Click the button below to generate your next startup’s name! 

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Rio 2016 Olympics: India 1-1 against Germany at half time

Rupinder Pal Singh scored the equalizing goal for India. India and Germany are level at 1-1 in the second Group B encounter with Rupinder Pal Singh scoring the equaliser for India after Nikklas Wellen had given Germany the lead in the early stages of the second quarter. SV Sunil had won India the penalty corner after a probing run down the right found a German foot. Wellen had given Germany the lead in the 17th minute after the big player used his frame to good effect to keep away the Indian defender and shoot past PR Sreejesh. For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App. 

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Tech Startup Expo

Willkommen! Auf deiner Timeline findest du in Echtzeit die Informationen, die dir wichtig sind. Sage viel mit einem Klick Wenn du einen Tweet siehst, den du magst, dann klicke das Herz und zeige damit dem Verfasser, dass dir der Tweet gefällt. Erfahre das Neueste Erhalte einen aktuellen Überblick, worüber sich andere zur Zeit unterhalten. Erhalte noch mehr interessante Infos Folge mehr Accounts, um sofort Updates zu Themen zu bekommen, die dir wichtig sind. 

Verpasse niemals einen Moment Lass dir keine der besten Geschichten entgehen, während sie passieren. 

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Tech Startup News, powered by Zaphne for 06-28-2018

Digital Marketing: A Great Career For The Tech-Savvy In India

That’s the scope and scale of digital for you! You went to your desktop or laptop, spent time doing your work and occasionally ‘visited’ the online space. Each of these teams work closely together to come up with a data-backed strategic approach to market a company digitally. A fresher can start building upon any of these skills to develop a stead-fast career in one of the most promising industries out there! One of the major advantages of being part of this digital revolution is the fresh and innovative approach everyone around you comes up with. 

As this is a relatively new industry, the career growth is swift and stable. As a result of this severe growth in the digital world, marketers now spend more on digital than all forms of traditional advertising combined. At the same time, marketers have insatiable appetites for the tech industry as the consumers are more connected to technology. To keep up with these changes and execute their plans with precision, marketers depend on tools like Analytics, Sentimental Analysis, Customer Relationship Management tools, Data Management platforms. These can be best handled by tech junkies – web developers, data analysts, social media professionals – to create powerful and relevant marketing campaigns. 

Tech savvy individuals who are ambitious and diligent in the approach to work fit perfectly in the industry. With no prior qualification or education in digital required, careers in digital can afford the possibility of flexible working hours. 

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10 Best Tech Startups in Durham – The Tech Tribune

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Durham, North Carolina. All companies must be independent, privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify. Spoonflower uses eco-friendly digital textile printing technology and offers natural fiber fabrics and PVC-free wall media. Crafters all over the world use custom fabric from Spoonflower to make quilts, clothes, pillows, dolls, blankets, framed textile art and much more. Mobile health technologies are reshaping patient engagement and population management opportunities for healthcare companies. 

Validic is powering this ecosystem to allow for the accelerated deployment of healthcare companies’​ strategic initiatives. PatientPay is the leading end-to-end patient payment solution focused on the complex financial challenges facing specialty healthcare. PatientPay partners with specialty care medical groups and revenue cycle management companies to capture patient payments during every step of care. ServiceTrade is a software as a service platform that manages job scheduling, technician scheduling and efficient routing for single or multiple offices in an easy user interface. Documentation of the work performed is stored online and delivered to customers’ inboxes for always-on access to service history. 

Online communication and coordination between field technicians, the home office, and the customer make each appointment more professional. 

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Atlanta Startup Events

On June 19, we’ll sit down with a panel of trailblazers and startups finding new paths with virtual reality technology. Participating in the e-Team promotes a conducive setting… Learn more. Wireless Technology Forum Thursday June 21 – 5:30 PM. The Wireless Technology Forum is dedicated to the fast-paced and rapidly evolving wireless and mobile industry. 

The association is a platform for industry professionals to learn about the business of emerging wireless and mobile technologies,… Learn more. Startup Chowdown Friday June 22 – 12:00 PM. Our Fridays are full of serendipitous interactions and we’re inviting you to join! You don’t have to be an Atlanta Tech Village member to share a meal with fellow innovators, entrepreneurs, and other cool people doing cool things! 

Atlanta… Learn more. Come to Pitch Practice every Friday after Startup Chowdown to practice and get feedback from peers. Learn more here, and come on down to practice! Want to take your pitch to… 

Learn more. Atlanta Startup Village Monday June 25 – 7:00 PM. The Atlanta Startup Village is a fun, informative, and inclusive forum for networking and feedback. A selected group of new or emerging startups get 5 minutes to pitch their business, with time for Q&A to… Learn more. 

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Tech Startup Aims to “Catapult” Vegan Meat Production

Seattle Food Tech-a new brand making plant-based chicken nuggets-focuses on the production scalability of vegan meat with the aim of outpacing animal products. New vegan startup Seattle Food Tech recently announced plans to boost the capability of vegan meat companies to scale production to outpace that of animal agriculture. The food court at the big-box retailer is about to get a lot more refreshing thanks to a plant-based berry-and-granola-loaded açaí bowl, available by the end of this month at locations nationwide. Beginning on New Year’s Eve 2019, horses will no longer be forced to pull passengers across the cobblestone streets of the Canadian city. New guide Veggie Happy helps sports fans locate vegan options at stadiums nationwide. 

San Antonio’s Hip Peaz Vegan Eats offers a rotating menu of vegan meat sandwiches, burritos, and gumbo. The new footwear brand aims to eliminate the pollution caused by the animal-based leather industry with comparable, vegan alternatives. 

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Tech Startup News, powered by Zaphne for 06-26-2018

Tunisia Startup Act to boost African tech ecosystem and innovation

With a newly passed Startup Act-a law which sets out government’s policies for startup growth-Tunisia appears to be taking the lead in this regard. As part of its provisions, the law supports startups in funding, grants them exemptions from corporate taxes, allows both private and public sector employees up to a year off from their current jobs to run their outfits, provides a government-sanctioned salary to founders and helps firms file for international patents. Houssem Eddine Touil leads international partnerships for Tunisian Startups, an umbrella organization for startups that helped draft and vigorously campaign for the law. Industry insiders like Houssem know that the passing of the law isn’t going to be a panacea for all the problems facing Tunisian startups. Given the incentives involved, there’s also the risk of startup founders engaging in rent-seeking rather than true innovation and manipulating this policy to increase their own profits. 

For most African startups, bureaucratic bottle-necks, a lack of access to capital as well as high and multiple taxes pose serious challenges. In Nigeria startups aren’t permitted to raise money through crowdfunding due to an antiquated law. To turn the tide African governments need not just focus on tech startups but the overall operating ecosystem. One success story of how government interventions can boost ecosystems has come in Lagos’ Yabacon Valley where, in 2013, a partnership with the state government allowed for the deployment of high-speed internet fiber cables to boost connectivity for startups. In Rwanda, Paul Kagame’s focus on improving the local business climate has been a boon for startups with the success of drone deliver program Zipline, being a testament. 

The clear upside in Tunisia, Walid Sultan, the founder of Digitalmania, Tunisia’s first video development company, says, is that the new startup law will give many young people the chutzpah to start their own businesses and get connected-something that was also realized in post-revolution Egypt. A few days after the law’s passing, Google started supporting merchant payments in Tunisia-a boost, he says, for local tech startups. 

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S Chand invests additional funds in ed-tech startup Smartivity – VCCircle

Education-focused publishing house S Chand & Company Ltd will invest an additional amount of Rs 35 lakhs in ed-tech startup Smartivity Labs Pvt. Ltd, it said in a stock exchange filing. Currently, S Chand holds 23.29% of the company on a fully diluted basis. Smartivity had raised $1 million in pre-Series A funding led by S Chand and early-stage investment firm AdvantEdge Partners in May 2016. In 2015, S Chand had invested a seed amount of $200,000 in Smartivity. 

Smartivity conceptualises, designs and develops activity-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning concepts for the education and toy industry to make learning smarter for children. Founded in 1939 by Shyam Lal Gupta, S Chand Group is now owned and managed by Himanshu Gupta and Dinesh Kumar Jhunjhnuwala and their families. S Chand had raised nearly Rs 179 crore from International Finance Corporation, the private-sector investment arm of the World Bank, and existing investor Everstone Capital in November 2015. In 2012, Everstone picked up 35% stake in S Chand & Co for $38 million. In 2014, S Chand Group acquired a majority stake in Delhi-based publisher New Saraswati House Pvt Ltd. 

The company made its trading debut on the Bombay Stock Exchange in May last year. Currently, its shares are trading at Rs 402.55 on the BSE. In February this year, Delhi-based ed-tech startup Avishkaar Box, which offers a product similar to that of Smartivity, raised Rs 5 crore in a pre-Series A round of funding from Auxano Deals. Hyderabad-based ed-tech startup IndigoLearn also raised $150,000 this week from a group of angel investors based in India, the US and Europe. Ed-tech startup Smartivity Labs Pvt. 

Ltd, which designs toys and learning…. Ed-tech startup Smartivity Labs Pvt. Ltd, which deploys augmented reality and…. New Delhi-based Smartivity Labs Pvt Ltd, an online venture that deploys….. 

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Blockchain technology: statistics, benefits, startups & events

I will give you a list of blockchain startups and blockchain events that you should keep an eye on this year. Now you will see what is the forecast for blockchain adoption in the nearest years and why companies actually plan to implement blockchain technology. Blockchain potential for reducing bank infrastructure costs – 30%. Annual savings potential for banks using blockchain technology – $8-12 billion. Percentage of major North American and European banks that are exploring blockchain – 90%. 9 out of 10 agree that Blockchain is a banking disrupter. 

Consumer products, manufacturing, technology, banks, media, and telecommunications are the sectors most likely to already have blockchain projects in production, while healthcare and life sciences lead all sectors in plans to deploy blockchain projects this year, according to a survey by Deloitte. Blockchain technology discards the need for any third-party or central authority for peer-to-peer transactions or exchanges. Let’s look at top promising blockchain startups that may change the world, may change the way we live and work! I chose these companies not only for their creativity in showcasing the power of blockchain technology across industries, but also for their potential and their ideas. Ripple is a distributed financial technology that allows banks to send real-time international payments across networks, benefiting from both the speed and security of blockchain technology. 

BigchainDB. BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms, and applications with a scalable blockchain database. Proof of Purpose builds technology solutions using blockchain technology. Blockchain Foundry is an enterprise blockchain platform-as-a-service and app marketplace. Bitfury is the leading full-service Blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the Blockchain ecosystem. 

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