Why Content Marketing Automation?


The ideal for content marketing is to manage all social networks in a personalized way and maintain a close relationship with customers – I mean, who really wants to hear from a robot?  However, when many tasks are needed, it is necessary to automate the contents of the blog creation at some level.  There are many simple to use tools out there that allow content authors to write when they are able, and then scehdule the time the content is distributed to reach the audience on their terms. 

Having access to relevant images can also be helpful, saving content authors hours of time in searching for the right illustration for the contents of their content.  Another feature that is helpful is consolidated reporting, to know how effective the content is in reaching the desired audience. 

Finally, having a steady stream of unique, plagiarism free content at your disposal can decrease the amount of time spent in research and content cultivation, and allow authors to maintain a subject matter focus.  In addition, this kind of content inspiration can allow authors to become subject matter experts in a wide variety of topics, since it is the artificail intelligence that does the research for them, finding top rated, relevant content for use. 

So look around, get the best features and pricing you can find, and we'll beat 'em!

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