Startup Weekend Charleston starts tonight with a kickoff party and idea pitch session that will set the tone for the weekend of business development, instruction, and teamwork.  One of the questions often posed prior to attending an event of this kind is if it is necessary to have an specific idea of a business on which to work?  Don’t sweat it if you aren’t the worlds best PHP coder, or don’t have a clue about products or marketing – there will be plenty of participants and mentors there to match skills with projects.  Are you new to the tech world, or have a specialized skill that may not fit all projects?  That’s ok too.

Sometimes, teams form up at weekends like SWC and other hackathons, and then decide to go forward together to build a business from that experience.  Take David, Gabriel and Carlos, who worked together on several projects, while traveling around the world participating in hackathons. After winning one hackathon, they ended up getting into the HACKcelerator, designed to jump-start hackathon winning projects.. Since the hackathon they were able to build a team including developers, strategy, sales, and also advisers and investors.

We strongly believe that a good team is the key for a successful startup. Our startup is called Goin’ With and aims to be a solution created for millennials in order to automate saving without changing the lifestyle you’re used to. Goin’ With you can invest your money and start making a profit off it without having any prior knowledge about investment. We’ve developed the project from zero to product ready to launch, we’ve closed collaborations with some of the best partners in the areas we’re working on and we have obtained very valuable feedback in order to iterate the project.

The goal of Startup Weekend is to get as many good minds as possible working out various technology and business issues all weekend, and the entire event is about having fun, learning new skills, and meeting industry insiders – and for them to get to know you.  Bring your most authentic self, and I’m sure you’ll find your tribe at Startup Weekend.