Brains will be percolating and fingers will be tapping away (hopefully a few mechanical keyboards….love that 80’s sound….) this weekend at Startup Weekend Charleston, held Friday Sept 28 – Sunday Sept 30, 2018 at tech friendly locations all around Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.  Competitors have 54 hours from inception to presentation, having to deal with the excitement and drama that pushes agile development, teamwork, and sleeplessness to their limits.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and focus on just what’s happening here at home, did you know that Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon?  Startup Weekend has reached over 135 countries, with over 210,000 eager entrepreneurs taking up the challenge – including in Seville, Spain, one of this author’s favorite cities to visit.

Promoted by Techstars and supported by Google for Entrepreneurs and SevillaUP, Seville Startup Weekend trains and encourages entrepreneurship that addresses the important issues in their city, and is a unique opportunity to learn how to develop a business idea and make it reality in record time. In addition to the professonals that partake in the passionate pursuit of problem solving, more than 45,000 students around the world take part in Startup Weekend.  Participants share business ideas and develop a startup in 54 hours, supported by the mentors and coaches from within their startup ecosystem. Seville Startup Weekend is the perfect opportunity to make your idea reality with online presence, learn in record time on the steps needed to form a company and key contacts with other professionals in the industry. People with different abilities: developers of software, programmers, graphic and web designers, business people, trade, marketing and communications, as well as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs are beginners or experts, as well as to any someone with interest in starting a startup, you are more than welcome.  Sound familiar?

Startup Weekend is an event that takes place in over 1000 cities worldwide, and with the immediacy of technology, video conferencing, and the existing infrastructure for global software development, we anticipate that there will soon be fully international teams participating in the weekend, with active participants spread out over multiple cities and countries competing together and solving real world problems that face all of us – not just the issues we see here at home.

You can check out Startup Weekend Charleston at, and peep the folks at Startup Weekend Seville here: