Startup Weekend Charleston starts Friday, Sept. 28th and runs through Sunday, Sept. 30th with the winner announced at the pitch and presentation to be held at Boomtown on King Street.

Beyond building a sound idea, an MVP, and priceless contacts that will help fuel your ideas into reality, capitalizing early stage companies is sure to be a topic of much discussion. Now most people don’t think of their banks as candidates for startup capital.  But did you realize that in addition to loans and checking accounts, some banks are getting into FinTech to help transform startups into big business?

Most UK startup bank programs are designed to streamline those parts of the business that entrepreneurs find so challenging. The best bank incubators will be a mentor, make introductions for business development, and offer training and support for everything from leadership to marketing. Financial powerhouse The FinTech Innovation Lab offers an accelerator program that matches young companies with senior IT executives from 15 of the world’s leading banks. Not only do these banks have it, they’re partnered with capitalists and seed investors who are ready to give it away to worthy companies ready for expansion. Whether it’s tech executives or test markets – the connections these banks can arrange is priceless to new owners.

Banks have become a commodity in recent years, and have lost their positioning when it comes to developing new businesses. As a result, the banks have joined with startup incubators in a genuine effort to become a part of this new success. With no shortage of angel investors and seed funds available, and innovation constantly nipping at their heels, the banking industry has had to evolve to provide more types of value than just money.