Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event held around the globe, when groups of developers, business advisers, startup passionistas, marketing geniuses, graphic designers and more pitch their ideas to a panel of enthusiastic judges, form up alliances, and develop a working prototype – all between Friday and Sunday!  Many teams end up collaborating after the weekend is over, and to be sure it can be a great place to find other companies and network with contacts, all in the spirit of friendly competiton.

While apps and software ideas make up the majority of the projects that get underway, it’s certainly not excluisve to them.  Any style company that can use a boost of brain power can make the cut – though a technology component is necessary to tap the talents of those who participate.  For example, service based companies – companies like auto repair, appliance delivery, even cleaning companies are a good fit for a bit of technological shine.

Abroad, Spanish startups are increasingly paying attention to the domesting cleaning services industry. The past few months witnessed the launch of several companies in the space and consumers seem to be welcoming these alternatives to more traditional methods of hiring domestic cleaning services. EsLife, one Spanish startup, recently announced that it closed a €490,000 round led by Angels Capital and Plug and Play Spain. Since its founding in 2012 EsLife has raised €740,000, including €50,000 from ENISA and €200,000 from Shuttle.

EsLife started off as a marketplace for all kind of tasks but soon moved into the cleaning sector. The startup acts as an intermediary, connecting customers with cleaning workers, and charges a 15 to 25 per cent commission on each transaction. Cleaning services start at €9 per hour and the minimum service time is two hours. The company claims that so far they have provided services to 12,000 customers, which means that EsLife’s total gross revenue ranges from €32,400 to €54,000.  As one of the leading and most well-funded startups in the space, it’ll be interesting to watch EsLife closely and see what their next steps are.

In other news, many folks are often perplexed by the various terms, acronyms, and industry speak that comes with working in the technology space, which can be off-putting.  In the following video, we’ll show you about the term ROI, which stands for Return on Investment, a critical piece of knowledge for any budding entrepreneur: